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Earth Sense is a community centred environmental website dedicated to anyone who is interested in voicing their concern on just about anything to do with environmental protection, sustainability, green technology, nature conservation, rainforest preservation, pollution reduction… Generally anything that stands as a threat to the future of life on Earth.
It is intended to share knowledge on environmental issues as we approach uncertain times and global challenges. It is my hope that this project will grow into a serious resource to help push the environmental agenda as we come towards an apex point in terms of environmental destruction, global warming, planetary pollution and the sixth mass extinction. The challenge is to pass down a hopeful future for generations to come and through this website the hope is to be a part of this by helping to promote the many environmental organisations and the great work that they do. Further down the road this site aims to offer promotional opportunities for any individual or company with a view to a greener future with an emphasis on sustainability.

earth sense global warmingThe site is broken down into the following sections; environmental impact, environmental pollution, endangered wildlife, green technology, sustainability, habitat loss, recycling and eco tourism. It is open to anyone who wants to contribute ideas by writing about your area of concern or ideas for a greener future. All you have to do is Leave a Reply at the bottom of any earth issue page and I will add your written contribution to the site. Remember that this can include any multimedia such as photography, video, animation or audio, but you will have to publish the photo or video via Flickr or the like and publish the link URL in with your text when you leave a reply. If you are unsure about how to do this please contact me directly and I will assist.

The only guideline about written content is no matter how dismayed you are by the lack of progress towards a greener future you keep it curse free as this site is aimed at all ages, occupations and religious/non-religious backgrounds. The more carefully written material the better the content of the site and the higher up search engine rankings it will go and the more serious the site will be taken. All topics submitted will include a blogging facility via which replies can be submitted and reviewed for publication. If you just want to add your comment to an existing post on the site remember that this will add to site popularity too. All messages received can be published by either contributor name or anonymous. I also want to encourage links to and from this site to further boost rankings on search engines. Any content submitted will be very welcome and will determine the success of this site. Thanks for reading and here’s hoping for a greener future.