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environmental impact iconenvironmental impactWith an ever-increasing human demand for world resources comes an ever-increasing environmental impact problem that needs countless solutions. At present the world population is at around 7 billion, according to the united nations, and is set to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050. A population of 10 billion is the uppermost limit when considering food to feed this growing population. This fundamental human need obviously puts a great stain on the environment and use of land space to graze livestock and grow crops. At present I am always looking for inventive ways to play my part in reducing my impact on the environment and one is turning towards a meat free diet, therefore demanding less from livestock farming. As you are probably aware livestock farming is far more energy intensive and its demand for land space far greater than growing crops. But turning to a vegetarian diet isn’t where it ends as by food to be more environmentally conscious doesn’t address every problem to do with food consumption. For example, how do I avoid using palm oil, thus doing my bit to help save precious rainforest and the ever increasingly under threat Orangutans? Why, like dolphin friendly tuna are there not more labels on products using palm oil and is it a possibility to cut down our consumption of palm oil? Are there even more inventive, eco-friendly farming methods waiting to be put in practice for future generations to live more in harmony with nature? This is just the tip of the iceberg we face as the apex species. We have the intelligence to work towards a much brighter green future yet we are not quite hitting the mark so often when it comes to our impact on the environment. Could it be that one day we will indeed be turning deserted waste land into fertile oases instead of cutting down and destroying our natural heritage?
What are your thoughts and would you like to share other environmental impact concerns or solutions you may have? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. The Guardian UK Report

    Amazon conservation groups have hailed a victory as the Brazilian government announced a U-turn on plans to open up swaths of the the world’s biggest forest to mining corporations.
    President Michel Temer had sparked outrage in August when he announced a decree to abolish the Renca reserve, an area of 17,800 square miles – roughly the size of Switzerland – that is an important carbon sink and home to some of the world’s richest biodiversity.
    But he has now been forced into a humiliating reversal after his move to carve up the area was blocked by a judge, condemned in the country’s congress as the “biggest attack on the Amazon in 50 years” and opposed by environmental campaigners, climate activists, the Catholic church and anthropologists.


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