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ecotourism_iconecotourismThe impact of over-saturated tourism eventually eating into areas of ecological worth makes the case for ecotourism all the more poignant. In terms of safeguarding our natural heritage we owe it to future generations to think very carefully in terms of environmental protection. However it isn’t that straightforward and denying any human the right to discover a personal paradise or fulfilling a personal dream just cannot and should not be supressed. Yet it is our personal duty to respect our earths many natural gems. There are of course many places where tourism is approached in innovative ways such as the following websites demonstrate; Village Monde, and Blue Sky Wildlife. Can other places burdened by the negative impacts of tourism follow this lead and take more sustainable approaches and make a real difference to wildlife and environmental preservation? Also, what if people were given the incentive by worldwide governments to turn vast areas of forest into responsible areas of discovery set aside for eco-tourism instead of a quick cash crop and slash and burn practices. Could we even take it one step further and encourage combining reclaimed land for both replanting and eco-friendly forest dwellings with the help of international government funding? After all we are talking about the future and we’d all be a step closer to living in harmony with the natural heritage of this amazingly beautiful yet so fragile planet.

If you have any ideas or thoughts that you wish to share on the advancement of ecotourism all comments will be greatly accepted below.

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