Endangered Wildlife

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endangered wildlife iconendangered wildlifeAs more and more of our endangered wildlife is pushed to the brink what steps can we take to ensure species survival. More and more ecosystems are being eaten into and destroyed by human encroachment. Surely there can be a happy balance between human demand for infrastructure and development and environmental protection. As endearing as it is to see animals first hand in the zoo should it not be a necessity to protect as much of our world wild life and it habitat as much as humanly possible? Positive steps to achieve just that have been taken by many organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Wild Foundation but can we go one step further by reclaiming and even re-introducing nature out of the zoos and back into the wild? Can we nurture plans to live in harmony with the natural world whilst generating job opportunities and employment for people who want to make a real difference? Examples of this could landscape architecture practices with an emphasis on wildlife parks, ecological science and reintroduction of species back into the wild. Could we even encourage volunteering opportunities on a mass scale for people who want to help out and make a difference but don’t necessarily have the funding? Should there even be more of an emphasis in schools on ecology and wildlife protection or ecological management?

Any thoughts, ideas or concerns on anything related to endangered wildlife can be addressed here. It could be anything from poaching, habitat destruction or unsustainable fishing to irresponsible wildlife tourism. All comments are welcome below and open to discussion.

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