Environmental Pollution

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environmental pollution iconenvironmental polutionWorldwide pollution today comes from a toxic mixture of aging cars dominating cities of the third world, in-recycled household garbage thrown to decay on rubbish dumps, industrial waste and chemical pollution of water. The list goes on as our planet is undoubtedly facing one of the biggest environmental challenges ever to be thrown at it as we face average global temperature increase. Although it is within the grasp of the western world to reverse this trend how can the third world follow suit when finances dictate how a country can even begin to address this problem? The answer is a complex one but looking to such resources as the Gaia Atlas of Planet Management it is achievable and within our grasp. In the times we live in we are experiencing a wakeup call of global proportions as we see increased adverse weather conditions and extremes of climate. There are no excuses for first world governments not to set the trend in motion towards advancing the green agenda and meet the set of targets of international climate agreements. Yet there are so many areas where advancement is of necessity and world governments are falling short. Why is it beyond the grasp of anyone but the better off in society to turn to alternative technologies such as electric cars? Instead the people relying on vehicles on the lower scale of society have no choice but to run an aging fleet fuelled by diesel or petrol. The simple answer to that is the pursuit of oil to the point of monopolisation and corruption for which in extreme cases people have died for as certain governments push the buttons. There must be a worldwide wakeup call and change has to happen fast if we are to head towards the sense of what is right for the planet if we are to pass on a healthier and more breathable planet for future generations.

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