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green technology icongreen technologyThere are countless ways in which we can integrate day to day life with green technology for the benefit of everyone. For example, living in Ireland and dealing with the drag of long gloomy days during winter, I’m always looking for ways of keeping myself away from the local pub outside of work hours. Then I had an idea. Has anyone ever considered a cycle trainer attachment with rollers rigged up to the back wheel, consequently connected to a charging bank consequently helping to power the house by storing the freely generated electricity? Not only will I be saving money on electricity, I am away from the pub saving money and getting fit in the process. Then I considered the possibility of being rigged up to a virtual reality headset and racing in a virtual Tour de France. The reality being that it’s pouring down with rain outside, but I’ve managed to keep dry, happy and have occupied myself with something a little more constructive, even if I am at the back of the race.

If you have ideas on how we can develop new and innovative technologies maybe you’d like to share it with the online community or patent it yourself, market the idea and share the website link with Please write your thoughts or comments below.

2 thoughts on “Green Technology

  1. David Angel

    With the U.K. government planning to faze out all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 to “turn to a greener agenda” could this mean that other countries will follow suit without any sense of urgency? Possibly by this stage we could have several more global crisis’s on our hands and it would be too late. I am frustrated at the lack of commitment and would much rather be running a battery operated van but have zero options here in Ireland. Admittedly there are some advancements, but the changes have been very slow. Maybe slow progress has to do with the love for oil and the loss of capital as electric vehicles become a serious contender. At least it would cut out the bloodshed associated with the hunt for oil to the point of conflict.

  2. Independent UK Report

    Oxford is to ban all non-electric vehicles from its city centre to create what officials believe will be the first zero-emissions zone in the world. All petrol and diesel vehicles will be barred from six streets in the city centre from 2020, including cars, taxis and buses. The zone will be gradually be expanded to cover the whole of the city centre and all vehicle types, including HGVs, by 2035, according to proposals set out by Oxford city council and Oxfordshire county council. The scheme aims to cut levels of nitrogen dioxide, the majority of which comes from traffic fumes, by three-quarters.
    Oxford city councillor John Tanner said a “step change” is urgently needed as toxic air pollution is “damaging the health” of residents. The scheme is expected to cost Oxford city council, Oxfordshire county council, bus companies, taxi firms and other businesses around £7m, in order to replace petrol and diesel vehicles with electric or hybrid alternatives. Even the council’s gritting vehicles and bin lorries will need to be changed.


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