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habitat loss iconreforestation graphicAddressing habitat loss, it would be so easy to throw the towel in and take the opinion that it is out of our control. But there are ways in which individuals can make a difference. For example, if you haven’t already thought of it why not go about turning your back garden into a wildlife haven? Encouraging nature to take a hold in even in our towns and cities we can make a truly positive difference. Even if you’re not green fingered there are ways of learning through countless internet resources such as Dorset Wildlife Trust and Ireland’s Wildlife. But thinking on a grander scale we should be pushing our governments for more extensive green planning and landscape architecture practices. Using examples of cities such as shown by the Earth Day Network, we could be pushing our limits to the sky for greener practices such as green walls, vertical gardens and roof top gardens. There are the obvious advantages to overall health and wellbeing with regard to urban pollution when considering urban greening on a grand scale, but there are so many other factors that come into play as well as psychological and social wellbeing. Keeping in touch with our need to balance green environments with the ever increasing concrete and steel jungles that have become the central hubs for modern day society we can truly keep in touch with nature.

If you have any concerns or ideas regarding habitat loss please feel free to contribute below where all ideas will be kindly received.

4 thoughts on “Habitat Loss

  1. Independent UK Report

    The Great Barrier Reef – a canary in the coal mine for global warming – can no longer be saved in its present form partly because of the “extraordinary rapidity” of climate change, experts have conceded. Instead, action should be taken to maintain the World Heritage Site’s ‘ecological function’ as its ecological health declines, they reportedly recommended. Like coral across the world, the reef has been severely damaged by the warming of the oceans with up to 95 per cent of areas surveyed in 2016 found to have been bleached.
    Bleaching is not always fatal but a study last year found the “largest die-off of corals ever recorded” with about 67 per cent of shallow water coral found dead in a survey of a 700km stretch.
    Now experts on a committee set up by the Australian government to improve the health of the reef have revealed that they believe the lesser target of maintaining its “ecological function” is more realistic.
    In a recent communique, the expert panel said they were “united in their concern about the seriousness of the impacts facing the Reef and concluded that coral bleaching since early 2016 has changed the Reef fundamentally”.
     “There is great concern about the future of the Reef, and the communities and businesses that depend on it, but hope still remains for maintaining ecological function over the coming decades,” it said.

  2. Avaaz Campaign Report

    Colombia’s Amazon has become a wild west for environmental destruction — criminal loggers and coca growers are swarming in and destroying everything in their path!
    The government insists there’s only small scale deforestation. But Avaaz members just paid for stunning satellite image research that shows it’s actually worse than ever.
    We have to stop this secret attack on the Amazon!
    With elections looming, this is the moment to shoot this investigation to the top of the political agenda and make it a massive story in the national press. When a million of us join, Avaaz will demand presidential candidates take a pledge to protect the Amazon and stop deforestation.

  3. Wally Hope

    With so much of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest on fire and extremes of weather across the globe now part of the norm what realistic hopes do we have of passing down a planet fit for sustaining a healthy environment for future generations? It seems that those now in positions of power are more concerned about wealth and trade than the more serious concerns about our planet that has reached a tipping point for which there is potentially no return. It seems that the vast majority of people are in a position of inaction while the people spearheading a drive to plunder the earth of its natural resources no matter what the cost. In my eyes we are set on a course with engines on full steam ahead towards a monumental iceberg. The rainforests are at present ablaze, kicking CO2 up into the atmosphere all in the name of cattle grazing. I Hope that mankind can put the planet back on course towards a greener future for future generations, but I suspect that it’s going to take a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions in the not to distant future. Hopefully there will be a movement of unparalleled action to undo the damage done otherwise we are all set for a very dark future on planet Earth. I can only pray that we will see a new Earth emerge from all the environmental destruction that seems to plague our natural world. God help us all!


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