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recycling iconWhen considering recycling are there more inventive ways in which we can reuse and recycle? YouTube videos are an excellent place to start to find ideas on how we can reuse and recycle discarded and unwanted items a few of which I have included at the end of this blog. The more we try to recycle the less goes into landfill or incinerators. This ultimately results in processes being reduced, especially when considering waste which is hazardous or toxic when incinerated or placed into landfill. Maybe one day we will find more efficient ways of dealing with waste and use it to generate power with little or zero pollution such as hazardous ash. But by getting inventive with how we recycle, whether it be old car tyres or home projects reusing materialsĀ in more industrious ways of reusing plastic waste everyone can make a difference. On a bigger scale waste plastics can even be reused for garden furniture and decking or for street furniture such as benches as is already being done in certain cases.

If you have any inventive ways of reusing unwanted items and would like to share this information please do so below where your ideas will be greatly accepted.

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  1. Josephine Mayr

    A recent program here in Australia #WarOnWasteAU highlighted the importance of changing the way we think about waste in our everyday lives. It tackled some important issues, such as ‘fast fashion’, single use coffee cups and single use plastic bags. I find it appalling that although some of our states have banned the single use plastic bag, others are yet to follow (including my own state of Victoria) . I can sit outside our local supermarket in the country town of Kilmore, and every single person leaves with their shopping in plastic bags. It is not hard to keep reusable bags in your car. I also have 3 reusable bags in my handbag. Those who shop at ‘Aldi’ bring their own bags, it is just a matter of changing your thinking, and your habits.

    I popped this comment under recycling, but it could very well have been listed under environmental pollution, environmental impact or endangering wildlife.


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