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sustainability iconsustainabilitySetting goals for a sustainable future must be at the top of the list when it comes to planet health and sustainability. The spectrum of practises is broad including sustainable farming, fisheries, building, forestry and environmental and ecosystem management. Considering modern day society and unsustainable living practices, governments and global institutions face many challenges and conflict of interest. With a growing world population, we see some of these problems amplified when it comes to the battle for resources such as land space, food, water and oil. There is only the one planet and cradle of life we know of. A lot more must be done in terms of successfully managing the planet and at present over exploitation of the earth’s resources. This balanced against population growth is simply put un-sustainable. Too often certain governments, countries and global enterprises are putting short term gain against long term planetary welfare, resource and ecosystem management. Although there is a lot of positive moves towards a sustainable future there is still a lot of conflict of priority when it comes to personal interest. Do we put or personal interest first or do we look towards a sustainable future for generations to come?

If you have any ideas on sustainability that you wish to comment on please submit your ideas or concerns here. Any comments are gratefully received below.

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