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Setting goals for a sustainable future must be at the top of the list when it comes to planet health and sustainability. The spectrum of practises is broad including sustainable farming, fisheries, building, forestry and environmental and ecosystem management. Considering modern day society and unsustainable living practices, governments and global institutions face many challenges and conflict of interest. With a… Read more »


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When considering recycling are there more inventive ways in which we can reuse and recycle? YouTube videos are an excellent place to start to find ideas on how we can reuse and recycle discarded and unwanted items a few of which I have included at the end of this blog. The more we try to recycle the less goes into… Read more »

Habitat Loss

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Addressing habitat loss, it would be so easy to throw the towel in and take the opinion that it is out of our control. But there are ways in which individuals can make a difference. For example, if you haven’t already thought of it why not go about turning your back garden into a wildlife haven? Encouraging nature to take… Read more »

Green Technology

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There are countless ways in which we can integrate day to day life with green technology for the benefit of everyone. For example, living in Ireland and dealing with the drag of long gloomy days during winter, I’m always looking for ways of keeping myself away from the local pub outside of work hours. Then I had an idea. Has… Read more »


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The impact of over-saturated tourism eventually eating into areas of ecological worth makes the case for ecotourism all the more poignant. In terms of safeguarding our natural heritage we owe it to future generations to think very carefully in terms of environmental protection. However it isn’t that straightforward and denying any human the right to discover a personal paradise or… Read more »

Endangered Wildlife

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As more and more of our endangered wildlife is pushed to the brink what steps can we take to ensure species survival. More and more ecosystems are being eaten into and destroyed by human encroachment. Surely there can be a happy balance between human demand for infrastructure and development and environmental protection. As endearing as it is to see animals… Read more »

Environmental Pollution

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Worldwide pollution today comes from a toxic mixture of aging cars dominating cities of the third world, in-recycled household garbage thrown to decay on rubbish dumps, industrial waste and chemical pollution of water. The list goes on as our planet is undoubtedly facing one of the biggest environmental challenges ever to be thrown at it as we face average global… Read more »

Environmental Impact

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With an ever-increasing human demand for world resources comes an ever-increasing environmental impact problem that needs countless solutions. At present the world population is at around 7 billion, according to the united nations, and is set to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050. A population of 10 billion is the uppermost limit when considering food to feed this growing population…. Read more »